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Girls Basketball

Date                            Opponent                               Location                     Teams

10/23                                     Scrimmage                                          Bastrop                              VG, VB

10/30                                     Scrimmage                                          Mangham                           VG

10/30                                     Scrimmage vs. Neville                        Home                                   VB

11/3                                        Hall of Fame Game                            Sterlington                           VB

11/8                                        Jamboree                                            OCS                                  VG, VB

11/10                                     Hall of Fame Game                            West Ouachita                     VG

11/12                                     Ouachita Christian                              Away                                     JVG

11/12                                     Franklin Parish                                     Away                                     FB, JVB

11/13                                     West Ouachita                                     Home                                     JVG, VG

11/14-11/16                         Caldwell Tournament                            Away                                     VG

11/19-11/20                         OCS Tournament                                   Away                                     VG, VB

11/26                                     Ouachita                                               Home                                     JVG, JVB

11/27                                     West Ouachita                                     Away                                     JVG, JVB, VG, VB

11/30                                     Simsboro                                               Home                                     VG, VB

12/3                                        FCCS                                                     Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

12/4                                        Ouachita Christian                              Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

12/6                                        West Monroe                                        Away                                     JVG, VG

12/7                                        Choudrant                                            Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

12/10                                     Bastrop                                                  Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

12/11                                     Claiborne Christian                             Home                                     VG, VB

12/12-12/15                         West Ouachita Tournament                    Away                                     VG, VB

12/17                                     Georgetown                                          Away                                     VG, VB

12/18                                     Downsville                                            Away                                     JVG, VB

12/20                                     Caldwell                                                Home                                     VG, VB

12/27-12/29                         Sterlington Tournament                          Home                                     VG, VB

1/3                                          Atlanta                                                  Away                                     VG, VB

1/4                                          Winnfield                                              Home                                     VG, VB

1/8                                          Carroll*                                                 Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

1/10                                        Beekman Charter                                    Away                                    JVG

1/11                                        Wossman*                                            Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

1/12                                        Sterlington JV Tournament                     Home                                       JVG, JVB

1/14                                        Neville                                                    Home                                  FB, JVB

1/15                                        Union Parish*                                       Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

1/18                                        Madison*                                              Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

1/22                                        Richwood*                                           Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

1/25                                        Carroll*                                                 Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

1/28                                        Choudrant                                            Away                                       VG, VB

1/29                                        Wossman*                                            Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

2/1                                          Union Parish*                                       Home                                     JVB, VG, VB

2/5                                          Madison*                                              Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

2/8                                          Richwood*                                           Away                                     JVB, VG, VB

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